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The CDC Is Once Again Manipulating Minds by Manipulating Death Toll Numbers from the COVID Jab

This text was taken from parts of a report by investigative reporter Corey Diggs entitled “CDC Bases Covid Jab Death Toll % on Doses – Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other “Vaccines” for 3 Decades

Corey Diggs writes:

Most individuals are totally conscious that the CDC’s VAERS reporting system has lacked in reporting over the years, so it’s pretty secure to say that the demise toll after receiving a Covid jab is under-documented to start with. Moreover, the CDC and HHS went above and past to doc all demise certificates into their database to escalate the quantity of people that died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. But, they don’t appear to be documenting demise certificates of those that died after receiving the Covid jab. The solely “reporting” appears to be operating via their VAERS system.

That stated, right here is an ideal and but quite simple instance of how the CDC manipulates numbers immediately on their web site, assuming that the common individual isn’t going to trouble to do the math. The mainstream information, whose so-called journalists additionally received’t do the math, then take the info and spin it out to satisfy their narrative, a lot in the manner they not too long ago did with the FDA’s bait-and-switch on the Pfizer Covid jab’s so-called approval.

The CDC is once more messing with information to satisfy their agenda.  Diggs writes:

The CDC reported that the demise toll on the VAERS reporting system signifies 6,968 deaths as of August 18, 2021. Subsequent to the demise toll they level out that the 6,968 deaths quantity to (0.0019%) “among people who received a Covid-19 vaccine.” It is a completely false assertion. They’re basing it on the variety of jabs administered, when most individuals have already obtained BOTH jabs. They point out that 363 million doses have been administered. The inhabitants of the U.S. is just 328.2 million, subsequently hundreds of thousands of individuals have obtained two doses. They’re utilizing the 363 million “doses” to ascertain the 0.0019%, which is NOT “among people,” however relatively “doses,” and in the end reduces the proportion by almost half. That is completed for notion, as a result of percentages have a larger influence on an individual’s thoughts.

The larger story in keeping with Diggs is expounded to the CDC’s claims that concerning the effectiveness of the jabs.

On August 19, 2021, the CDC alleged that the Pfizer BioNTech jab was 95% efficient at stopping the Covid virus in medical trials, and that the mRNA jabs are 90% efficient in the actual world. And but, in July, only one month prior, the CDC printed a study displaying that 74% of totally vaccinated individuals towards Covid, who had been in an contaminated space of Massachusetts, examined optimistic for CovidHow do they reconcile that discrepancy? Right here’s how: they’re keen to take the hit on the false efficacy so they may inflate the worry round the alleged Delta variant to get extra individuals to take the jab, whereas additionally blaming a “new variant” on the undeniable fact that the jabs don’t actually stop anybody from getting sick, and at the identical time, allowed them to resurrect the masks mandates. A intelligent, not-so-clever little bunch of manipulators. A number of mainstream information sources coated this, which is much more telling that this was their objective.

In pulling this stunt, they pulled the identical trickery with the numbers. They said that there have been 469 individuals who examined optimistic for Covid, and that 74% had been totally vaccinated. That will imply that 348 individuals had been totally vaccinated, and 121 weren’t. Since that they had already established that 469 individuals examined optimistic for Covid, one would assume they might have the ability to differentiate what number of of these had been the alleged Delta variant, however as an alternative, they solely point out that of “133 patients, 90% of specimens were the Delta variant,” which coincidently equals 120 individuals. They’re making an attempt to implant suggestive reasoning in individuals’s minds that subsequently 90% of all 469 individuals possible had the alleged Delta variant, when the truth is it’s much more possible that the alleged Delta variant is non-existent, and the Covid jabs don’t have any efficacy charge to a virus that was by no means remoted, and has over a 99.98% survival charge primarily based on extremely exaggerated case numbers by the CDC. This additionally establishes believable deniability for the future, ought to they wish to make the declare that the alleged Delta variant solely affected those that hadn’t obtained the jab but, in case too many individuals stopped getting the jab for worry it wouldn’t work on the Delta variant.

What’s most stunning is that there are schooled medical doctors in the US that also consider the CDC’s information.  That is the CDC’s best accomplishment.

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