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REAWAKENING Docuseries Trailer + Interview With Director Matt Thayer

On Thursday, the director of The Trump I Know, Matt Thayer was documenting the Wendy Rogers and Jackson Lahmeyer Audit The Vote rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Matt Thayer was additionally filming at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium final month to doc that second in historical past.

Thayer is touring the nation and dealing on his new docuseries the place he’ll seize the historic reawakening that’s upon our nation.

TGP’s Jordan Conradson spoke to Thayer about his upcoming sequence and his earlier movie, The Trump I Know.

Conradson: What different initiatives have you ever labored on moreover Reawakening?

Thayer: So we did The Trump I Know documentary and you may truly discover that on Amazon, iTunes, and Google. However for those who actually need to watch it you may go to, and help our present mission and also you get the Trump I do know at no cost. However the Trump I Know, so far as I do know, it’s the one documentary about President Trump, that has an interview with Trump in it. And so we had been invited into the White Home, we acquired to interview over 31 girls, most of them know President Trump firsthand and it simply blew aside the entire misogyny and racist narrative, the whole lot, and actually happy with it. Lots of people actually, actually prefer it. And we’ve acquired, I feel now we have 5 stars on Amazon, and over 1600 optimistic evaluations.

Conradson: Are you able to inform us about your present sequence reawakening?

Thayer: So the present sequence is a, it’s gonna be a four-part docuseries and what we’re doing is, we’re overlaying the reawakening of what’s taking place in America. However what I’m making an attempt to do is I’m making an attempt to point out a timeline of 2020 and 2021, and present you realize, the entire craziness. However attempt to put it into context and put the puzzle items along with a historian. We’ve acquired Invoice Federer that’s going to come back in, we’re going to be interviewing him. I’m going to be asking him questions on like, how the founding fathers considered pandemics and you realize like there was smallpox however they nonetheless protected our liberties. They usually thought our liberty was one thing that wouldn’t bow all the way down to medical tyranny. Benjamin Rush truly had some ideas on wanting to incorporate medical freedom within the Structure, so that they had been actually having these conversations again then. And so I believed it could be actually cool to carry a historian in and ask him some questions and be capable of steadiness it out to that and present in our yr in context with our historical past, after which present all of those wonderful folks which can be stepping as much as the battle.

We’ve interviewed, Wendy Rogers we’ve interviewed Thomas Renz, interviewed Dr. Frank and a few of these folks that you just’ve by no means heard of earlier than, till 2020 in addition to we’ve interviewed Common Flynn, Mike Lindell, Roger Stone, Patrick Burns, Dr. Tenpenny Dr. Simone Gold, Ann Vandersteel. The listing goes on and on. we’ve performed I feel someplace between 55 and 60 interviews at this level. And, and our group is furiously engaged on modifying the whole lot collectively. And like I stated simply, you realize, sifting by way of all of this large content material proper now as a result of it’s simply there’s a lot the information cycle is so loopy. However but, what we’re doing is we’re displaying how all of those items interconnect and the way the medical tyranny results in the election fraud, which ends up in the nice reset. However the humorous factor is is that this complete nice reset factor actually isn’t something new, like, we’ve had these international amassing centralization of energy ever because the Tower of Babel.

And so, This mixture of a historical past lesson, together with, you realize what’s happening proper now, I’ve been going to all of those occasions. Like Jordan stated I met him on the Cyber Symposium I’ve been to the Reawakening Tour in Grand Rapids the Reawakening Tour in Anaheim. I’ve additionally been to Bard’s Fest. We’re right here in Tulsa now, and we’re simply going the place the motion is as greatest as we are able to. I’m in my RV with my children we’re homeschooling. I’ve acquired my, my spouse with me, she’s my producer, and we’ve acquired our small canine and our very giant cat, and we’re simply touring all around the nation doing what we are able to to save lots of America and to doc all of those wonderful folks like Wendy Rogers. Like Wendy Rogers, who simply comes out of the center of nowhere and now hastily is that this spokesperson for freedom and it’s actually about these David’s which have come out of the wilderness to face the Goliath and it’s simply actually actually superior to be part of telling that story.


Conradson: I hear that it’s reside to pre-order.

Thayer: Sure it’s reside for pre-order, so go to You can too observe us on Telegram, @reawakeningseries. However for those who go to, there’s a number of packages and all we’d like is about 13,000 folks to present us $49 which buys you the whole sequence, and also you get the Trump I Know, the earlier documentary that we launched final yr about President Trump at no cost along with your order. After which there’s additionally different packages, you may get swag, there’s T shirts, there’s hats, and issues like that. Nevertheless it’s mainly we’ve created our personal crowdfunding web site in the course of all of this too, which is loopy, we’ve performed it. we’ve bypassed large tech utterly, we bypassed all of the Kickstarters and the GoFundMes, and we’re bypassing Hollywood, and we’ve created, by way of Liberty expertise providers, if anyone wants that sort of service the place you’re afraid like hey, one thing may take me down, go to Liberty Expertise Companies these guys will enable you out. Point out our mission, and so they’ll provide you with an excellent deal. They put this factor collectively like 4 weeks for us. And it’s wonderful, it’s a crowdfunding web site, it additionally streams your movies straight from, from the location. We’ve simply bypassed the whole lot and we’re identical to, You realize what, no one else goes to inform this story. You realize, Netflix isn’t going to inform the story Hulu is just not gonna inform the story Hollywood’s not gonna inform a narrative, however we have to inform the story as a result of we live in revolution 2.0 We’re witnessing actually the rebirth of America and the return to our founding values, wonderful,

Conradson: when do you launch the primary a part of the story?

Thayer: The primary a part of the story, we’re aiming at November 15. That may get pushed off a few weeks solely due to some scheduling conflicts, however November 15 is what we’re aiming at. And like I stated we need to current one thing if anyone’s seen the Trump I do know the documentary, what we did there, we needed to make it timeless, we needed to make it concerning the President. We didn’t assault Democrats, we didn’t assault Joe Biden, we didn’t even point out Joe Biden’s title. We needed to make it extra than simply concerning the election and and and actually get into who he was as a person by way of the eyes of a few of these actually extraordinary girls that he’s surrounded himself with. And so with this one what we need to do is we need to create one thing that’s timeless we need to create one thing that’s for posterity one thing that folks years from now can watch and go, “Oh, I see clearer”. Hindsight is 2020. I get a deeper a greater perspective for the context of this loopy time proper now that we’re dwelling in, as a result of I see it in context of historical past and I see all of those wonderful folks and all of their tales and the way they’ve all come collectively to save lots of the nation.

This Docuseries will place the entire items of the crooked 2020 election, and this nice awakening we’re seeing in our nation towards the globalist elites and the swamp, collectively in 4 frames for the world to see.

Invoice Federer, a nationally identified speaker, best-selling writer, and historian will educate the viewers on America’s noble heritage and present us how shut we’re to dropping our freedoms.

You may preorder the sequence and get The Trump I Know movie at no cost at

This can be a should see! Watch the trailer and interview beneath.



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