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Questions That Must be Answered by the California Secretary of State Re Potential Election Fraud

California Governor Gavin Newsom is dealing with a recall election on Tuesday, however the repair is in.

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to maintain California Governor Newsom in the chair after greater than 1.5 million folks signed a petition besides him out of workplace.

The recall election is that this Tuesday, September 14, and the Democrats are dishonest six methods to Sunday.

Numerous Republicans in the San Fernando Valley had bother casting their recall ballots and had been advised that they had already voted – regardless that that they had not.

Voters had been compelled to fill out provisional ballots after they had been advised the computer systems confirmed they already solid their ballots.

The provisional ballots will not be being counted in response to an nameless whistleblower in the California Secretary of State’s workplace.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Rachel Hamm, a conservative running for California Secretary of State and her focus is on free, honest, and clear elections.

Rachel Hamm stated in response to the whistleblower, the provisional ballots aren’t being counted and ballot watchers are being blocked from observing the adjudication course of.

There used to be 11 investigators in cost of probing election fraud in California however now there may be solely three.

Listed here are the questions that should be answered by the California Secretary of State relating to potential election fraud:

1. What’s the quantity of provisional ballots given out in the 2020 presidential election versus this election?
2. Of the provisional ballots given out, what’s the breakdown of get together affiliation in each elections (ie. What number of Republicans got provisional ballots vs. what number of Democrats)
3. How are these provisional ballots adjudicated? Who’s adjudicating them?
4. What’s final result of the adjudicated ballots? We should know the share of mail-in ballots accepted versus provisional ballots being accepted, in each elections

“If Newsom is easily winning the recall election, then why did he ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to travel to California to campaign for him?” Rachel Hamm stated.

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