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New York Times Obtains Security Footage Revealing “ISIS Facilitator” Killed by Biden Drone Strike Was Actually an Aid Worker Returning to His Family (VIDEO)

Central Command stated a pair weeks in the past that the U.S. had performed a drone strike in opposition to ISIS in response to the Islamist terrorist group’s suicide bomber assault on the Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. service members.

The Pentagon claimed two high-profile terrorists have been killed and one different was wounded.

“I can confirm, as more information has come in, that two high-profile ISIS targets were killed and one was wounded,” Main Normal Hank Taylor stated someday after the drone strike.

Nevertheless, Biden’s Pentagon refused to launch their names.

Ten members of the family, together with harmless CHILDREN have been killed by Biden’s drone strike.

And the so-called “ISIS facilitator” that the US Navy noticed as an “imminent threat” was truly an support employee returning to his household, in accordance to the New York Times.

New York Times reporter Evan Hill posted a collection of safety movies of (ISIS facilitator) Zemari Ahmadi, the person who was killed by Biden’s drone strike.

The surveillance footage exhibits Ahmadi was simply finishing up his regular day by day routine as an support employee and the situation of the “unknown ISIS compound” was truly an NGO’s workplace.

“The military said it believed Zemari Ahmadi’s white Toyota Corolla, which it tracked by drone for eight hours that day, was packed with explosives. Security camera video we obtained showed him loading it with water containers for his home. I’ll detail our findings in this thread.” New York Times reporter Evan Hill stated.


Ahmadi was a 14-year worker of Vitamin & Training Worldwide, a U.S. NGO that fights malnutrition. He helped begin up soy factories, restore equipment, transport his colleagues and distribute meals from his Corolla to displaced Afghans.


In accordance to Ahmadi’s household, he left his dwelling round 9 am that morning to decide up two colleagues and headed to the workplace.

“At around the time Ahmadi was picking up his colleagues, the U.S. military said it observed a white sedan emerge from an Islamic State safehouse near Ahmadi’s home, 5km northwest of the airport. Intercepted communications from the safehouse gave the sedan instructions, they said.” the NY Times reported


What the army interpreted as ‘suspicious moves’ was simply Ahmadi going via his day by day routine.


“At 2:35pm, Ahmadi and a colleague fill several large plastic containers with water. The footage shows Ahmadi bring them to the office earlier that day. His brother told us his neighborhood suffered from a water shortage and that he routinely filled up containers at the office.”


“At 3:38pm, a colleague drives Ahmadi’s car farther into the office driveway. At roughly the same time, the military said, the drone team saw Ahmadi’s car pull into an “unknown compound” 8 to 12 kilometers southwest of the airport.”


“With the work day ending, an employee switches off the office generator, and the camera goes dark. The military said it now saw four men load wrapped packages into the car. Ahmadi’s colleagues said they were stowing laptop bags, which the footage shows here, earlier in the day.”


“Ahmadi drops his colleagues off and turns onto his street. His and his brothers’ children surround the car, his relatives said. The family has a habit of letting kids steer the car into the courtyard of their home. Somehow, the military said, the drone team sees none of this.”


Biden killed an whole household simply so he may appear to be he ‘fought back’ after a suicide bomber killed 13 US service members.

Learn the complete report right here:

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