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‘Do You Think That’s A Problem That Your News Network Lies?’ (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan had CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his extremely fashionable podcast this week and known as him out for CNN’s lies.

When Rogan not too long ago got here down with COVID, CNN pushed a blatant lie that Rogan was taking a drug made for horses, when the truth is he was taking an award profitable drug which had been prescribed for him by a physician.

In an final irony, Rogan’s present might be seen by much more individuals than something on CNN.

FOX News has particulars:

Joe Rogan forces Dr. Sanjay Gupta to confess CNN shouldn’t have known as his COVID therapy ‘horse dewormer’

Joe Rogan confronted CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta over his community’s claims that the podcast host took “horse dewormer” as a COVID therapy.

On Wednesday’s installment of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan grilled the physician on why somebody like him who already had COVID and has antibodies ought to get vaccinated.

“By the way, I’m glad you’re better,” Gupta mentioned.

“Thank you,” Rogan responded. “You’re probably the only one at CNN who’s glad… The rest of them are all lying about me taking horse medication.”

“That bothered you,” Gupta grinned.

“It should bother you too,” Rogan shot again. “They’re lying at your network about people taking human drugs versus drugs for veterinary.”

“Calling it a ‘horse dewormer’ is not the most flattering thing, I get that,” Gupta conceded.

“It’s a lie,” Rogan pushed again. “It’s a lie on a news network… and it’s a lie that they’re conscious of. It’s not a mistake. They’re unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.”

Watch the alternate under:

Rogan is completely proper right here and it’s satisfying to see somebody from CNN lastly being known as out for his or her lies.

CNN is fortunate Rogan didn’t sue them to the moon.

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