Stay in Bed for 2 Months and Get around $19,000 Paid by NASA

Can you imagine a job that pays you for simply staying in bed? Well, NASA gives you an opportunity. To check how weightlessness affects the human body, the scientists from NASA are looking for women who are willing to stay in bed for 2 months. These women should be of ages between 24-55 years. Those who are ready for this will get around $19,000 for it, but this sounds to be a miserable experience. When in space, weightlessness can cause changes in the body of the human. Astronauts face some health changes due to microgravity in space. Such health changes can lead to muscles and bone breaking down which then the fluid moves towards their head.

NASA and the European Space Agency have commissioned the scientists at German Aerospace Center to conduct this study related to the effects of weightlessness. For this study, the participants will not be floating in a weightless environment but they will just stay in the bed, where effects caused by microgravity will be stimulated. This study will save astronauts from spending more time on exercise in the space station. Every participant will have a private room of their own. They will be allowed to do all the activities like going to the bathroom, showering, eating, etc. while lying down. A team of nutritionists will curate the meals to them.

This is a risky opportunity for sure. If you have free time for 2 months and are really needy, only then should you participate in this event. The criteria for participants are that they should be healthy women between ages 24-55 years and they should be ready to stay in bed for 60 days. There is one more requirement that participants should know the German language. While you are on the bed, the scientists will keep poking you for their experiments. Your body will be slightly tilted downwards. Overall, there will be familiarization of 15 days, then bed rest for 60 days and then rest and rehab of 14 days, so that you become fit and fine for regular life.

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