Massachusetts Health Department Confirmed Third Pediatric Flu Death Of This Year’s Flu Season

Currently, the country is suffering from only one single problem, and that’s Flu-related disease. According to reports flu season is at its peak and recently Massachusetts health officials confirmed that on Tuesday third child had died because of this year’s flu season. According to health officials reports third victim of this flu season is four years old Puthiraskmey Sopheak who was hospitalized in Lowell General Hospital last Tuesday. The reports show that Puthiraskmey Sopheak was hospitalized by her father immediately when her fever hit 99 degrees because of which she started coughing blood. Victim’s father said her health was good a few days ago and she was sent to the home from hospital as she was recovering very fast. But things changed a lot on Saturday when she got too much sick for which she had to be hospitalized.

According to victim’s father, she arrived in the USA in late September from Cambodia, and now health officials think whether she died because of flu or something else. Health experts are trying their best to find out exact reason behind her death, but till now nothing’s been found. Lowell General Hospital has released its official statement in which they have sent their deepest sympathies to the victim’s family and hoped they would recover from this trauma. If we look into state’s health report, then it shows that so far three pediatric flu deaths have been recorded which means flu season is again at its peak in Massachusetts.

From last week there are have been very few cases of flu or related diseases, but still, experts believe this flu season can last till the end of March. So people are advised to follow necessary prescriptions. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed down how one can prevent themselves from getting infected in this deadly flu season. So it’s advisable to have a look at those prescriptions.

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