Obesity-Related Cancers Are Rising At A Faster Rate

The problem of obesity has always been concerning thing for the USA because people who are overweight are increasing every year due to which they’re facing lots of dreadful diseases. According to a recent health study, it has been found that obesity-related cancer is rising at a faster rate in the country and there needs to be something done about it. Researchers found that all overweight young people are getting diagnosed with cancer at a quicker pace because six out of twelve cases of cancers have found to be relating to obesity.

Obesity has always been a serious problem since many people with that type of health condition suffer from problems like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Researchers took data from a central database of state cancer registries, and data analysts studied thirty new types of cancers out of which twelve have caused because of obesity. From last twenty years period, more than 14.7 million new cases of cancers have been found by researchers. On the other hand rate of twelve obesity-related cancers like colorectal, endometrial, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas have been increased from last few years.

Many obese people suffer most from kidney or pancreatic cancers which is one of the leading cause of deaths among such people. People get obese due to the lack of a proper diet plan, and that’s why researchers believe that to reduce chances of getting cancer such type of patients will have to follow a healthy routine. However, those health studies which are shown that obesity is increasing the rate of cancer have its own limitations. Researcher still hasn’t found exact reasons behind how obesity increases chances of getting diagnosed with cancer. Still, it’s clear that to maintain a healthy lifestyle an exercise is necessary for all obese people.

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