How To Prevent Kids From Cold? No Wet Hair Outside Or Vitamin C?

Sneezes and sniffles are difficult to avoid for the kids, especially in these days of winter. Though parents may be trying hard to prevent the kids from fall ill, yet some of their precautions won’t be of much help. The parents try so many methods to prevent their kids from colds, but many of them don’t have any scientific evidence behind them. Researchers did a survey of more than 1000 parents and their children of ages between 5 to 12 years.

In the winter season, kids catch colds very easily. It makes them disturbed and uncomfortable. They miss their schools and all the other activities as well. Parents may use many methods to prevent the kids from catching a cold, but it is not sure that the methods are full-proof and make any difference in the kids’ health. But, the researchers say that there is good news.

51 % of the parents preferred giving supplements like vitamin C to their children. 70 % of them said that they prevented their children from going out with wet hair. But, according to doctors, supplements will not be of much help to the kids. They said that good personal hygiene is also a good remedy; it includes washing hands, keeping away from sick people and keeping the home clean.

Usually, the children get 3-6 colds every year and some of them can last up to even two weeks. As per Dr. Gary Feed, who is the co-director of the poll and a pediatrician at Mott, said that majority of parents go for evidence-based recommendations for their kids’ protection from the coughs and colds. Also, 99 % of parents who were surveyed said that they believe personal hygiene was the most important thing in controlling colds.

The colds spread due to direct contact with the infected person or through sir due to sneezing or coughing. Hygiene can kill the germs and contribute to keeping people healthy. Also, avoiding contact with the people suffering from colds can be very much helpful.

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