Juno Spacecraft Finds New Storm on the Planet Jupiter

The Juno Spacecraft from NASA made a flyby maneuver over the Planet Jupiter and spotted a new Storm on the Planet. The Flyby occurred in the last month and recently received the same data back on the earth. After analyzing the data, the scientists found a not just one, but two storms raging on the planet. The storms are way more significant than the surface area of the earth, and they are raging and swirling together. The first and the most significant storm in the image is the Great Red Storm on the planet. Accompanying it is the OVAL BA, which is the new and small storm spot on the Planet Jupiter.

The Oval BA storm was formed when the scientists were keeping an eye on the gas giant. In 2000, three small storms collided together and created a big storm, which was named as the Oval BA. Since the last flyby maneuver, it has been nearly one year, and according to the scientists, the storm is slowing down. This is not the exact photograph sent by the Juno spacecraft. The spacecraft sent three separate pictures on the earth, taken from the distance of 23,800 miles and 34,500 miles from the surface of the planet.

The digital imaging experts on the earth digitally corrected and synced the three images and created this image, in which we can spot two big storms on the planet Jupiter. These photos were taken on Dec. 21, which was the 16th flyby mission of the Juno Spacecraft. The entire purpose of the spacecraft is to make the images of the planet and send back the data within the 32 flyby missions. This photo marks the halfway of the entire purpose as it was the 16th flyby.

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