Google Manually Whitelisting SMS and Phone Apps from New Play Store Policy

The Search Engine Giant Google has already warned the Play Store application developers to comply with their new policies. Recently, the company announced that they are going to take strict actions against the Android apps that are misusing the SMS and Call Log permissions. The Android ecosystem is at the high risk due to these permissions abusing apps. Google clearly announced in the October through a blog post that they are willing to keep the malicious apps out of the ecosystem to maintain the privacy of the users. But for the useful apps that need the SMS and Call Logs permissions are allowed to file for an exception.

Now the Google is manually whitelisting the third-party SMS and Phone applications from the Google Play Store. With this move, it’s clear that the company is planning to keep genuine developers Happy. The popular SMS and phone apps are getting automatically whitelisted, which the apps that already filed for an exceptional review are getting manually whitelisted. Previously, the application submission process was partly automated and involved little human interference. The Google Play Store Developer Console backend was enough to identify the app contents. But now, the Developers will have to submit a “Google Play Store Permissions Consent” form with the company. Once the Developer console finds that the app needs SMS or Call Log permissions, the developer has to submit this form.
Google is considering to protect the privacy of the users very seriously. With this move, a lot of Android apps that require the SMS and call log permissions are affected. But this is sad news for the apps that do not need the same permissions but still asking the same and leaking the data of the public.

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