Samsung Exynos Auto Chip Will Be Powering Future Audi Cars

Infotainment systems have become so common in cars that every manufacturer is trying to bring something new into the game. According to the latest reports, Samsung and Audi are working together to bring a newer experience. Reports say that the first Samsung Exynos Auto chip will be powering the entertainment systems in the future cars from Audi. This will be a game changer in terms of performance.

The Exynos Auto chip has been designed with performance in mind. Powered by 8-nanometer process tech, the chip will be able to comprehend more computing functions when compared to the traditional systems being used. Users will also love the capabilities of premium audio management. Samsung also says that the chip would be able to manage up to 12 cameras from the vehicle.

Because the chip is expected to power Audio vehicles, there’s no doubt that the experience would be utmost premium. The company has included dedicated hardware for audio processing and neural tech management on top. Considering that Samsung had confirmed its partnership plans with Samsung in 2017, the launch of such vehicles by 2021 does not seem that surprising for the public.

Audi, among other automobile manufacturers, is working hard to bring something new to every vehicle it launches. In addition to the smart features being included in packages, the company also is planning to come up with an all-electric vehicle in the coming years. E-Tron, the electric vehicle from Audi, will be making use of an OLED display from Samsung.

While Samsung and Audio have tied up, other firms have also made connections in the past. For instance, a partnership between Panasonic and Qualcomm is going to create a powerful infotainment system that can be seen in a variety of vehicles in the coming years.

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