Refugees from Congo Are Increasing the Tensions about Ebola

Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries have been keen towards keeping Ebola under most control since the very beginning. However, a new challenge has come along the way in the form of refugees. According to the latest reports, hundreds of people have left Congo and have crossed the border of Uganda. The details were shared by a Red Cross worker, who is working in Congo.

The biggest problem is that it is not clear how many of these people have been exposed to Ebola. If there’s a case of Ebola, it is likely that the disease would soon spread to Uganda. The complex presidential election in the country was a catalyst in the refugee influx. Of course, the Ugandan government has taken measures to prevent the same. It was reported that some Congolese people were sent back to the country.

This happened when the group was not co-operating with the Ebola screening set up by the health department in Uganda. The CEO of The One Campaign, an anti-poverty organization said in an interview: “I’m quite concerned that it hasn’t risen to a higher level of attention on the world’s agenda because as we know these viruses don’t pay attention to borders, and they move very quickly. It could kill a whole lot more people.

Ever since the Ebola outbreak was declared, the world has been looking cautiously at the country. Recently, a US medic was quarantined at Nebraska on the suspicion that he may have been exposed to Ebola. Major issues appeared after the Congo government’s decision to prevent one million voters from casting vote, and the Ebola crisis was cited as the reason.

Many protests were observed in the country and a number of them had targeted Ebola centers as well. An important number of centers had to suspend their activities for a few days.

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