The New Fish Market of Tokyo Sells Tuna for a Record 3 Million Dollar

On Saturday, the owner of a sushi restaurant chain in Japan set a record by paying in excess of $3 million for a Bluefin tuna in the first auction of the year at the fish market of Tokyo. It has exceeded his own record price of 2013. The Sushizanmai chain is owned by Kiyoshi Kimura. He paid up an amount of 333.6 million yen for the fish of 278 kg, which was caught off the coast of northern Japan’s Aomori prefecture. This was double of what he had paid six years back. The owner, Kimura told the reporters later on, who were waiting outside the market that the tuna looked tasty and extremely fresh. Still, he thought that paying up the amount was too much from his end.

In reality, Kiyoshi Kimura had expected the price to be somewhere between 30 and 50 million yen. At the maximum, he thought that the price would go up to 60 million yen but the price ended up being more than five times the expected amount. The event on Saturday was the first ever auction of this New Year at the Toyosu market. This is after the fish market of Tsukiji was shut down last year in order to provide temporary parking space for the 2020 Summer

Olympics in Tokyo. The owner of the sushi restaurant, Kiyoshi Kimura had managed to hold the record for having paid the top price for one single fish at the auction of New Year for six consecutive years until the year 2017. Still, the previous year saw the owner of another fish restaurant chain paying the highest price.

Once the auction was over, they had taken the fish to one of the branches of Sushizanmai, which is located in the old market region of Tsukiji. Tuna is given the prize for its use in sushi all around the world. Still, the experts warn that the growth in demand has made this an endangered species.

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