Flu Reaches High Level in All the 21 Counties of New Jersey

We are just in the first month of New Year but already the flu season is in full force. As per the latest weekly data put out on 29th December from the New Jersey Department of Health, the virus has officially gone on to hit widespread levels all through the state. Now, what this means is that no matter where people live in the state, the number of cases related to influenza are beginning to increase at a much earlier time compared to the season during the previous year. Last year, during the same time, the state was only coming across moderate levels of influenza.

The epidemiologist from New Jersey, Dr. Tina Tan said that she is noticing quite an increased level of activity earlier in the year compared to the same period in the previous year. As of now, New Jersey is also noticing quite significant increases in emergency room visits and admissions. When asked whether this means that they are going to see a repetition of previous year’s nightmare, Tan said that it is still too early to predict that. The flu is not just one really nasty virus but there are several angles to it. Some are nastier than the others. In the year before, America was hit with an extremely nasty H3N2 virus, which can mutate, even outsmart vaccines to cause a major illness if anyone manages to catch it.

In order to combat this problem, there are quite a number of hospitals taking extra preparations this year. For instance, RWJBarnabas hospitals said that they have created a task force for the flu, gone on to increase stockpiles for medicines, also created additional areas for patients and even boosted staff. As far as the time for getting a flu shot is concerned, it is still not late. The flu vaccine has got some sort of modifications in order to match up the viruses, which circulate. Some of the vaccines that are getting offered this year include Standard Dose Flu Shots, High Dose Shots, and Cell-based vaccine, Flu Blok vaccine, Shots made with adjuvant and Nasal Spray.

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