Astronaut Dials 911 by Mistake from the International Space Station

As per a news report from the Netherlands, an astronaut of Dutch origin has accidentally dialed 911 from the International Space Station. This was actually the omission of one number in an accidental manner, while the astronaut was trying to dial for outside and then an international line. The process needs astronauts to dial up the number 9 for getting an outside line. This gets followed by dialing up 011 for an international line.

Unfortunately, the zero was missed. This mistake was committed by Andre Kuiper’s, a Dutch astronaut. He had talked about it with a Dutch public broadcaster. As per the report, Kuipers managed to hang up after missing the 0 but the call got noted by Mission Control at NASA. The day after, officials from NASA had sent an email to the International Space Station asking if someone had dialed up the number 911.

Apparently, the call happened to trigger an alert at NASA. They had checked on the room where the call got issued from and obviously did not find anything. It is said that Kuipers confirmed that the emergency service number was dialed accidentally. The VoIP phone services managed to make it possible for the accident to take place, which is installed on the International Space Station. Astronauts, who are there on the floating space lab, have managed to make calls to Earth for a large part of 10 years, all thanks to modern internet voice services along with getting better connectivity in space.

As per NASA, astronauts can make calls whenever they feel like, even to their families. This is quite far from the first time ever, when someone had placed a call by mistake to a woman from the International Space Station. The mistake was committed by Tim Peake, who had called the wrong number by mistake and asked a woman whether it was planet Earth.

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