Former Nissan Chairman Will Spend His Holidays in Tokyo’s Jail

Carlos Ghosh, former Nissan chairman, will spend his Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a cell of Tokyo jail. He has been charged for his underreported income and detained for the past five weeks. On Sunday, Japan’s court-approved prosecutors’ request to extended Carlos’s detention for another ten days. The District Court of Tokyo approved the prosecutors’ request for the further inquiry. Mr. Carlos has been charged to break of trust of the carmaker. He is liable for a loss of $16 million which took place in previously, in 2008. According to the court’s judgment, former Nissan chief will remain in custody until 1st of January.

The extended detention will offer more time to Japanese authorities to interrogate him on suspicion of additional crimes while running Nissan. According to Japanese law, prosecutors can ask an extension for another few days. Therefore, there’s a probability that Mr. Carlos could remain in jail until at least 11th January. Additionally, the detention is without bail. The judgment follows his re-arrest on Friday with an additional charge of breach of Nissan. Thus, the prosecutors appealed the court to increase custody of MR. Carlos and restrict bail. Besides, no regular visitors can meet him during the 10-day extension period. But he is free to meet his lawyers and official advisors.

In the previous month, Tokyo police arrested Mr. Carlos and another executive Greg Kelly on Nov. 19. Both have a charge for not conveying Carlos’ income information between 2011 and 2015 by about $44 million. Although, other claims for additional underreporting of Carlos’ are also pending. On the other hand, Greg’s lawyers filed a request for his bail. However, Greg’s bail request is still pending. Motonari Otsuru, Carlos’ lawyer from Tokyo, said his client maintains his integrity and expects to regain his respect at next hearing. Mr. Carlos has not yet published any statement answering the charges made against him.

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